Johnathan Swafford’s multidisciplinary work extends the mediums of motion, graphic, and digital arts.

Johnathan’s work has been recognized by American Illustration 30, SXSW, How Magazine’s International Design Annual, and the American Advertising Federation.

Johnathan holds an MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts and a BFA in Design from the University of Akron Myers School of Art. Johnathan has also served as an adjunct Professor at Purchase college where he has taught digital and interactive design.


Saatchi, DraftFCB, BBH, Toyota, Lucky Brand Jeans, Novartis, Eli Lilly, E*TRADE, Comcast, Yahoo, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, DKMS Americas, U.S. Air Force Reserve, The J.M. Smucker Co., GE, Esopus Magazine, Aqualamb Records, Spectacular Amplification, National City Corporation

E*TRADE Icon :30

People come to E*trade to trade stocks, but the company also offers of wide array of great financial tools. To help awareness, these spots were created using the brand's product iconography and a simple animation approach to highlight the vast number of seamless products and services. Concept, Design & Creative Direction with the internal creative team and My Active Driveway.


Toyota Personalities Spot

This spot was created to show the multiple personalities of the Toyota Rav 4. Concept and treatments working with Saatchi NY.


Black Black Black / Night Moves Video

Somehow the members of Brooklyn Death Rock band Black Black Black cast a spell that let them travel back to 1976 and made the original members of AC/DC perform their song Night Moves. This is the official video. Concept & Editing


VP / Pressure Check

1 16mm film camera, 1 fluorescent lightbulb, and a seedy massage parlor = the Pressure Check video for Brooklyn's garage rockers Vagina Panther.Concept and editing.


VP / I Hate Grass

Using found propaganda footage from the 60s, Brooklyn's garage rockers Vagina Panther were able to get their message to the masses. Concept and editing.


Black Black Black / Redeath

Seven-eyed goats, alters, cults, and other dark visions were the inspiration for video. Concept & Editing


THX 1138 Credits

Test credit concept for the film THX 1138. Concept and editing.


VP / Eye Of Inez

Using found propaganda footage from the 60s, Brooklyn's garage rockers Vagina Panther were able to convey their stance on underage drinking. Concept and editing.