Johnathan Swafford’s multidisciplinary work extends the mediums of motion, graphic, and digital arts.

Johnathan’s work has been recognized by American Illustration 30, SXSW, How Magazine’s International Design Annual, and the American Advertising Federation.

Johnathan holds an MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts and a BFA in Design from the University of Akron Myers School of Art. Johnathan has also served as an adjunct Professor at Purchase college where he has taught digital and interactive design.


Saatchi, DraftFCB, BBH, Toyota, Lucky Brand Jeans, Novartis, Eli Lilly, E*TRADE, Comcast, Yahoo, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, DKMS Americas, U.S. Air Force Reserve, The J.M. Smucker Co., GE, Esopus Magazine, Aqualamb Records, Spectacular Amplification, National City Corporation

Alliance Skateboard CO. / Branding and Design

Utilizing military propagandist imagery and a DIY attitude in the face of corporate behemoths, this brand was created to give skate punks everywhere a battle cry: This is your war! Concept, Design & Creative Direction.


Contraption Magazine

There are some innately creative individuals who for some unknown reason (even to them) tap into that pure artistic vision and create wonderful works of raw creativity. These people usually have little or no formal training and have no interest in the academic or professional art forums. They create to create. It is that act of pure artistic vision that we hope to celebrate and facilitate in each issue of the magazine called Contraption. Download the Magazine HERE. Concept, Design, Publisher & Editor in Chief.


Poster for George Lois talk at SVA.

One of the truly great admen and a hero, George Louis is the real deal. He is not a poser. He is not a martyr. He will break you and make you get on board with his Big Ideas.


Blimp City Brewery / Packaging and Branding

Poster and packaging design for small batch microbrewery based in Akron Ohio. Concept & Design. Lovely blimp illustration by Teresa Kiplinger.


Gevalia Coffee / Social Interaction Pitch Concepts

Swedish Coffee maker Gevalia needed to update the perception of a stodgy mail-order coffee maker. What better way to help create brand awareness than cool social interactions with youthful groups of drinkers to get amped on. Concepts working with Louise Pretorius and Draft FCB.


Boy In Static / Newborn Album Cover

Illustration and Design for Boy In Static's Newborn LP. Working with Honest.


Bicycle Boys / The Little Guy Doesn't Stand A Chance.

Using the Norman Rockwell painting "Freedom of Speech" as the starting point, and referencing hand drawn egyptian alphabet from an ancient sign painter's book from 1920s. Concept and Design.


Hand Letterpressed Wedding Invite Book

Making 150 hand bound hand letterpressed books on a Vandercook SP-15 was most likely one of the most intense projects and the bestest wedding invite ever. Concept, Design, Illustration and Build


HHR / Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to.

Human Highlight Reel's vinyl package of 300 limited edition white vinyl for the release Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to. Buy the record HERE. Concept and Design.


Transfigurations Art Show catalog

Catalog design for Transfigurations: 9 Contemporary Metalsmiths Art Show. Concept, Design


Aqualamb Records

Started with fellow designer and musician, Eric Palmerlee of Descender, Aqualamb is a record label imprint that releases music in book, vinyl & digital forms. Buy the labels releases HERE and check out the write up on Very Short List.


Deaths Artist Book

Hand bound artist book. 5" X 3.75" X .5"


HILO / Never Forget to Breath Album Cover

Illustration and Design for Hilo's Never Forget to Breath LP.


Black Black Black

Black Black Black's vinyl package of 300 limited edition purple vinyl for the self titled release. Buy the record HERE. Concept and Design with Jason Alexander Byers.


Hilo / This is the Destroyer Album Cover

Design for Hilo's Never Forget to Breath LP.